The Team:

I Tried to stop systemd. Please god forgive me for my failure

Kirt Gittens

Failed Mathematician (Software Engineer)

After failing to prove any of his theories concerning linear time sorting, Kirt now spends his time writing Python code, and blogging about the details of software culture and enterprise applications. Despite his love for Python, Kirt believes that the only way to get anything done is 6502 assembly.

"Me? I don't write computer programs, no. These days I just write math problems on paper and then cry.

Lonny Wortham

Javascript Hobbyist (Loser) / Copywriter

As an up and coming novelist, Lonny plans to write the book you'll probably hear about but refrain from reading because the plotline was too complex for someone like you. In his free time however, Lonny is eternally frustrated with the nuances of Javascript, and front-end web development as a whole

"I've known webkit since birth. Has it helped? No."